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  • Venus.In.Fur.


  • Hamdan Azhar

    Hamdan Azhar

    Data Scientist, Writer, Storyteller | Founder @ PRISMOJI | Ex Facebook Researcher | Co-inventor of emoji machine learning 🤓 hamdanazhar.com

  • Jenna Ziegler

    Jenna Ziegler

    Chronic illness patient advocate & blogger at TheComicalColon.com. Poet & novelist-in-progress. ISFJ. Enneagram 9. Love social media, personality tests, & cats.

  • Kory Family Hospitals

    Kory Family Hospitals

    Kory family Hospital is a fast rising primary and secondary healthcare services provider with three facilities in Bungoma county, Kenya

  • Patti Carroll-Frey

    Patti Carroll-Frey

    RN nurse reviewer. Health policy. Health care access. Orthopedics. Physical therapy. Fitness. New author. Champion for all people believing in doing no harm.

  • Ali Shana

    Ali Shana

    Writer and grad student studying clinical mental health counseling. Interested in education, healthcare, and psychopharmacology.

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